Медаль имени Э.Т. Кренкеля за выдающийся мировой вклад в развитие радиолюбительского движения


behalf of E.T. Krenkel

For the outstanding world contribution to the development of radio amateurs

Медаль имени Э.Т. Кренкеля за выдающийся мировой вклад в развитие радиолюбительского движения

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What is named after Krenkel

Медаль имени Э.Т. Кренкеля за выдающийся мировой вклад в развитие радиолюбительского движения

Ernst Teodorovich Krenkel

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About Medal

The Medal is granted to natural and legal persons for Outstanding global contribution toAmateur radio movement in the following categories:

Natural persons: Outstanding radioamateurs, polar and marine radio operators, radioamateurs who took part in expeditions (organizers and participantsof island, polar radioamateur expeditions and expeditions to world’s inaccessible countries and territories), radioamateurastronauts and cosmonauts.

Legal persons: Commercial and Public Organizations, Research-and-productionOrganizations, Museums, Clubs and Federations, Associations andFoundations, Education Institutions, Club Radio Stations, Mass Media (namely Magazines, Newspapers, Television, Television station, Radio channels, Web-based portals).

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Медаль имени Э.Т. Кренкеля за выдающийся мировой вклад в развитие радиолюбительского движения

Медаль имени Э.Т. Кренкеля за выдающийся мировой вклад в развитие радиолюбительского движения
  • George Chliyants


    George Chliyants    UY5XE
    Medal № 65

  • Valentin Benzar


    Valentin Benzar    EU1AA
    Medal № 66

  • Felix Riess


    Felix Riess    DL5XL
    Medal № 67

    I was born in 1970 and have had an interest in HF radio since the early eighties. Eventually, I received my first amateur radio license in 1986. I got involved in DXpeditioning (4U1ITU, 4U1VIC, 3V8BB, 5A2A, C30EFA, ZL8X and others) and Contesting (WRTC 2000). My hobby eventually led me to a career in electronic engineering. For the last 15 years, I have worked for a shipping company in the field of polar research. I regularly travel to Antarctica and have spent two winters at the German research station «Neumayer» where I helped to re-establish the club station DP0GVN and install a permanent HF beacon. During Antarctic expeditions, I can often be heard on the ham bands signing DP1POL, usually in CW or digital modes. I am a member of DARC (Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club), ARRL (American Radio Relay League) and NARL (Namibian Amateur Radio League).

    Felix Riess
    Licensee of DP0GVN

  • Roger Balister


    Roger Balister    G3KMA
    Medal № 68

  • Volker Strecke


    Volker Strecke    DL8JDX
    Medal № 69

    Dr. Volker Strecke, DL8JDX (former Calls DM3LTG, Y43UG, Y24LN) has 43 years experience in Radio Communications now. He achieved his first Amateur Radio License in 1975. In 1983 he had the unique experience to get a first shortwave HF contact with the continent in the south. It was the russian scientific research station Molodezhnaya 4K1HK in Antarctica.
    Since then he focused on exploring long distance DX communications, especially with the polar regions. Only 6 years later, in 1988, he did set his foot on the antarctic continent. In that time Volker Strecke was responsible for Information Technology and polar communication services and between 1988 and 1994 he was member of three overwintering expeditions in Antarctica.
    From 1988 to 1989 and 1990 to 1992 he did operate with the call Y88POL from the german research station Georg Forster in the Schirmacher Oasis and from 1992 to 1994 he was active as DP0GVN from the Neumayer II base on the Ekstroem Shelf Ice.
    With his work during these expeditions, with many thousands QSO contacts with ham radio stations from more than 100 countries all over the world, and with many presentations and lectures in the later time he contributes to communicating to the public about the fascination and the importance of the polar regions for our life.
    A special highlight was a rare HF contact between the two polar caps of our planet. Exact 30 years ago, during his stay in Antarctica as Y88POL, at 19th April 1988, 1104 UTC he managed to get in contact with the drift station Northpole-29 in the Arctic with the call 4K0E in telegraphy CW in the 20 meters band.
    In 1993 when Volker was working in the Neumayer II station as DP0GVN he was member of an international radio network with several antarctic research stations, including the Amundsen-Scott southpole base KC4AAA, in order to coordinate a rescue operation for a norwegian explorer group moving on the ice which had an accident in a crevasse area.
    In the later years he supported many antarctic and arctic radio communication events, such as for example the Worldwide Antarctic Programme WAP, several RAEM contests or the RAEM-110 celebration activities. He was honoured with several antarctic and arctic awards.
    In 2009 together with other operators from the bavarian ham radio district C he did work with the special call DR09ANT in order to support the International Polar Year.
    Today Dr. Volker Strecke, DL8JDX, works as a manager for information technology and he is still active in hunting for polar radio stations and supporting polar radio communication activities.
    Antarctic and Arctic Awards:
    -WAP WADA Award 62 Antarctic Bases #116 05.04.2008
    -WAP WADA Honour Roll Award #21 08.11.2008
    -WAP WACA Award 120 Antarctic Calls #99 05.04.2008
    -WAP WACA Honour Roll Award #13 08.11.2008
    -WAP ASEA Award 5 Special Event Stations #56 20.10.2008
    -WAP IPY Award 5 IPY Callsigns #46 20.10.2008
    -RAEM-110 Award Mixed #2902 05.01.2014 SRR
    -RAEM-110 Award CW #2989 05.01.2014 SRR
    -W-RAEM-100 Award 24.12.2013 R-CW-C
    -Ernst Krenkel 110 Years Award Mix #199 31.12.2013 RC Arktika
    -Ernst Krenkel 110 Years Award CW #257 31.12.2013 RC Arktika
    -RAEM is my callsign Plaque 22.01.2014
    -Calling Antarctica Award 6 Special Callsigns #006 17.02.2018
    Volker Strecke, DL8JDX

  • Franz Langner


    Franz Langner    DJ9ZB
    Medal № 71

    Franz Langner, DJ9ZB/KDØRXY
    Licensing in 1964.
    More than 50 years active to this hobby-Amateur Radio.

    DXpeditions/operations: 4W1ZB, JY8ZB, DU1ZB, DU9ZB, HBØXJV, TA2ZB, SV5JH, C5ABL, OE6XG/A, J2ØCP, J2Ø/A, 4U1ITU, 3A3WPX, FØZN, T7ØA, HBØBOE, HB/DJ9ZB, EA8/DJ9ZB, C3ØLY, VK9ZR (Mellish Reef) VK9ZR (Willis Is.), PYØSK, PYØSR, KB6IRD/KHØ, XE1FLA, FOØXX, TP2CE, TP8CE, YI9ZB, PA3CXC/STØ, ET3DX, E31A, 7J1AEX, E3ØBA, E3ØGA, OM9AZB, 9E2A, 7O1A, 3XA8DX, J5Z, 6O1Z, 5U7Z, XRØX, 3CØV, 3CØF, 9XØZ, 9U9Z, TN9Z, 4O3T (new DXCC-entity), K7C, ES1EZB, GBØU, GD8K, GT4BRS, LY3ZZ, VU3FLZ, K4M, KH4/DJ9ZB, PJ7E (new DXCC-entity), TO8DX, HV5ØVK, HKØNA, CU4ARG, 1A0KM, XZ1J, E3ØFB, XZ1A, A5A
    Club Memberships: DARC, ARRL, NCDXF, CDXC-Clipperton DX Club#27, CDXC-Chiltern DX Club/UK, SDXG-South German DX Group, ODXG-Oceania DX Group, RRDXA-Rhein Rhur DX Association, EUDXF, DIG-Diplom Interessen Group, AGCW, HIDXA-Heard Island DX Association, NIAR-National Institute for Amateur Radio, NGARC-Northrop Grumman Amateur Radio Club, SCDXC- Southern California DX Club (Honoary Member of SCDXC), DXFF-DX Family Foundation #005, LYNX-Lynx DX Group, INDEXA-International DX Association, GDXF-German DX Foundation, BDXG-Bourdeaux DX Group HR #210, 4U1ITU-Int. .Amateur Radio Club, PDXC-Passau DX Club, BARS-Barry Amateur Radio Society, DXARC-Colombia Amateur DX Club, OKDXC-Czech DX Club, DX Italy Honorary member, PDXers-Pacific DXers, Diamond DX Club#190, Hawaii DX Association #479, QSL-Manager Society, Araucaria DX Group Brazil, MDXC-Meditaranian DX Club.
    Ham Radio Awards: CQ DX HALL of FAME (09. May 1982), DXCC Honor Roll on MIXED, PHONE and CW, DXCC RTTY, 5BDXCC # 496 (25. May 1976), DXCC Challenge >2500, 5BWAZ (05. Dec. 1987), WAZ 21 MHz#1 (17. Sep. 1975), WAZ 28 MHz # 1 (28. Nov.1978), WAZ 24 MHz#13, WAZ 18 MHz#9, Worldradio «100 Nations Award», 1st World, 1st Europe European QSL Manager of the Month – South German DX Group (SDXG) 2003, 2006, ARRL A1 – OP Award, DXpedition of the Year 2009/2010-K4M Midway Atoll by SW Ohio DXAssociation, DXpedition of the Year 2009/2010- K4M-Midway Atoll by Clipperton DX Club, DXpedition of the Year 2012–HKØNA-Malpelo I.by SW Ohio DXAssociation, DXpedition of the Year 2011/2012 HKØNA, Clipperton DX Club-CDXC, NIAR R.Gandhi –Silver medaille DARC Silver medaille District Baden 2002, DARC Award «Cycle 24», DX Hall of Fame by Rhein Rhur DX Asociation –RRDXA-2011, DX Hall of Fame by Araucaria DX Group, Brazil - 2012. Participating many Contests every year, CQWWDX, WPX, All Asia and others
    Autor of: «Handbuch für den Kurzwellenamateur», Frech Verlag 1985, «DXers Handbuch», Beam Verlag, 1986, «DX–World Guide» , VTH-Verlag, 1988, 1st edition, «DX-World Guide», FT-Verlag, 1998, 2nd edition, «Erfolgreiche DX–Praxis für den Kurzwellenamateur und SWLs», 1993, VTH-erlag, «DX-Jahrbuch 2001», VTH-Verlag, 2001, Editor of DX-News, BEAM-Magazine 1981-1994, «Funkamateur –Taschenkalender» 2008-2017, FA-Verlag CQ Communications, USA, «DX World Guide» 2012, 3rd edition.
    - DL1CU & DJ9ZB organising the 1st Amateur Radio Journey to Japan and the Philippines with visiting the JARL and PARA societies.
    - BEAM-Magazine – writing «DX News» monthly for 12 years
    - QSL-Manager for more than 125 stations since 1973
    (most QSLs he sponsoring for DXstations who can’t printing the QSLs and didn’t having an active QSL bureau) - INDEXA Director since 1985 (International DX Association)
    - Setting up the Club station in Addis Ababa as ET3AA in 1993
    - Founder of the German DX Foundation (GDXF) in 1996 and elected president since 1996, now with over 700 members
    - http://www.GDXF.de, Issuing 2 magazine /year- supporting appr. 30 DXpeditions /year
    - Helping with Donations for the Tsunami desaster in VU in coordination with INDEXA, Tsunami 2011 in Japan.
    - Hamradio Friedrichshafen, since 1996 GDXF-DX Forum representing there.
    Visiting many DX Conventions: 1979 Clipperton DX Convention, Paris; 1980 Int. DX Convention , Fresno, USA; 1985 ARI Bologne, Italy; 1988 LYNX DX Convention, Madrid; 1996 LYNX DX Convention, Andorra; 1997 Ham DX Convention, Tokyo; 1998 USKA, Winterthur, Swiss; 2005 HF Convention, CDXC, London; 2009 URE DX Convention , Madrid; 2007, 2008, 2009 LY-Hamfest’s , Lithuania; 2008 Bruessels Amateur Radio Exibition at the EU-Parliament; 2010 Clipperton DX Convention, Pontalier, France; 2011 Clipperton DX Convention, Noumottieur, France; 2012 8th Int. DX Convention is Paestum, Italy; 2012 Int. DX Meeting Tokyo, Japan; 2012 Clipperton DX Convention in Granville, France

  • Juan Carlos De Borbón


    Juan Carlos De Borbón    EA0JC
    Medal № 72

  • Monk Apollo


    Monk Apollo    SV2ASP
    Medal № 73

  • Thorvaldur Stefansson


    Thorvaldur Stefansson    TF4M
    Medal № 74

  • Antonio Gonzalez


    Antonio Gonzalez    EA5RM
    Medal № 47

    My interest about radio communications started when I was 12 years old, using a old Telefunken receiver listening
    broadcasting stations mainly from USA, China and Soviet Union. I obtained my first ham license in 1990. Former calls EC5CVP and EA5GRC.
    DX operations as operator: HQ0R, TG0R, S05X, TZ6RD, CW5R ( SA-039), EF8A, CP1XRM.
    DX operations as organizer and Team Leader: XU7ABD, 5H2AG, S01R, 9X0R, S04R, E4X, T70A, ST0R (first operation from South Sudan after his indepence), C37N, 1A0C (2012+2014/2015), HV5PUL, 5J0R, CN2C, 5U5R , TN5R.
    During last eleven years I am working as NGO volunteer installing and doing maintenance to an emergency and medical service radio network on HF in the deep Bolivian Amazon jungle where this network is the only communication way for several small indigenous villages, located very far away from the nerarest doctor.

Медаль имени Э.Т. Кренкеля за выдающийся мировой вклад в развитие радиолюбительского движения

Медаль имени Э.Т. Кренкеля за выдающийся мировой вклад в развитие радиолюбительского движения
North America

Медаль имени Э.Т. Кренкеля за выдающийся мировой вклад в развитие радиолюбительского движения
South America

Медаль имени Э.Т. Кренкеля за выдающийся мировой вклад в развитие радиолюбительского движения
  • Alan Cheshire


    Alan Cheshire    VK6CQ
    Medal № 81

  • Craig Edwards


    Craig Edwards    VK5CE
    Medal № 82

    Craig Edwards was born in South Australia in 1972 and gain his Foundation Licence in 2008 and upgraded to the Standard in 2009 and then Advanced in 2012. He is married and is about to build a house where he and his wife will settle down and build a small antenna farm on 2.5 acres in the countryside of VK5. Craig is the Oceania Checkpoint for IOTA (https://iota-world.org/) and the webmaster for the Island Radio Expedition Foundation IREF (https://irefradio.com/).
    Craig’s passion is activating islands around Australia for the Islands on the Air IOTA program. This involves mega pile-ups, incredible propagation, exhilarating adventures, breathtaking scenery, fatigue, sunburn, stings, bites and bloodshed. Unfortunately, Australia has a reputation for many creatures that can kill you. The more remote you go, the likelihood of encountering deadly creatures seems to increase. The spiders, sand flies, fire ants, Irukandji stingers, jellyfish and sharks are an ever-present threat. The two things that concern him the most are poisonous snakes and crocodiles, these reptiles seem to constantly be a risk factor in the remote one-man DXpeditions that he conducts.
    Craig conducted his first IOTA DXpedition in 2010 and by the end of 2018 will have done 22 IOTA activations. Activations have been VK4LDX/P OC-172, OC-171 and OC-138 in 2010 and 2011. He then upgraded to the Advanced licence meaning 400W instead of 100W and in 2012 he did VK8BI OC-185 followed by 2013 with VK5CE/P OC-261 and VK5CE/4 OC-255. A highlight in 2014 was doing VK5CE/8 OC-173 and the last NEW IOTA left in VK, VK6ISL OC-294NEW. 2015 brought VK5CE/P OC-220 and he was a member of the S79C AF-119 NEW team. 2016 was a busy year with another NEW IOTA to ZL9A OC-286NEW and then VK5CE/6 OC-243 and VK5CE/P OC-228.
    Last year was Craig’s biggest commitment to IOTA by activating VK5CE/3 OC-196, VK5CE/7 OC-233, VK5CE/P OC-228, VK5CE/8 OC-198 and VK9AR OC-216. In 2018 Craig will be conducting a VK6 IOTA tour as VK5CE/6 in June 2018 to OC-140, OC-170, OC-193 and OC-199. Craig loves the adventure of island DXpeditioning and receives great joy when giving people new islands. All stories about Craig’s IOTA DXpeditions are available at https://vkiota.wordpress.com/.

  • Luke Steele


    Luke Steele    VK3HJ
    Medal № 83

    Luke Steele, VK3HJ was first licenced in 1981, but didn’t get seriously interested in the DX chase until he moved to a country property in 2007. Since then, he has achieved 9 Bands DXCC.
    In 2009, he was invited on his first DXpedition to Lord Howe Island (VK9LA) and has since been an active DXpeditioner, to Vanuatu (YJ0VK 2010, 11, 12), Moreton Island Lighthouse (VK4ILH OC-137, 2012), Norfolk Island (2013, 14, 15, 16), Mellish Reef (VK9MT 2014), Christmas Island (VK9XI 2017), Cocos (Keeling) Islands (VK9CI 2017), and back to Lord Howe Island (VK9LI 2018).
    Luke trained as a Radio Technician as an Army Apprentice starting in 1980, and subsequently served in various units of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals until 1990. He then worked in various civilian technical roles until 1999, and has been working with horses since as a hoof care professional.
    Luke enjoys horse riding, cycling and travel along with his Amateur Radio hobby.

  • Chris Chapman


    Chris Chapman    VK3QB
    Medal № 84

    Chris Chapman, VK3QB was born in 1968 and gained his novice ham radio licence whilst still in high school in 1984. He upgraded to the unrestricted licence in 1986 whilst completing his higher school certificate. Morse-code has been his favourite mode, but he still enjoys a good ragchew on SSB. He dabbles in digital modes.
    Chris has always enjoyed DX; both chasing it and being at the pointy end of pileups. From an early age, Chris was fascinated by weak DX signals and working stations from all corners of the earth. Finally, in 2009 he was able to achieve his dream of being a part of a DXpedition (VK9LA Lord Howe Island) which lead to many further DXpeditions and friendships with radio amateurs from around the world.
    From 2009, Chris has activated Lord Howe Island (VK9LA & VK9LI), Vanuatu (YJ0QB & YJ0VK), Fiji (3D2/VK3QB) and Norfolk Island (VK9NT) with a total of 11 DXpeditions. Chris has lead 8 teams to these South Pacific Islands and always enjoys hearing an operator report that they’ve worked ATNO. He and his teams’ have always encouraged newcomers to join them and they’ve help others learn about DXpeditioning and how to “work the pile-ups”. He also enjoys visiting new places and experiencing the beauties of the natural world.
    Chris holds DXCC and has also worked DXCC with 5w. He remains fascinated with HF, working new ones, weak signals and the surprises that often appear when spinning the dial and listening to the HF bands.

Медаль имени Э.Т. Кренкеля за выдающийся мировой вклад в развитие радиолюбительского движения
  • RADIO, Magazine

    RADIO, Magazine   
    Medal № 54

  • QST, Magazine

    QST, Magazine   
    Medal № 76


    Medal № 9

    QRZ was founded in 1992 by Fred Lloyd, AA7BQ as a spinoff of what was once called the "Callsign Project", a cooperative effort designed to obtain and distribute FCC database tapes. The "Callsign Project" was born on the internet newsgroup rec.ham-radio (later rec.radio.amateur.misc), and it's initial sponsor was Rusty, Carruth, N7IKQ, who eventually turned it over to Fred when he became unable to continue the effort. More: https://www.qrz.com/page/about.html

  • CQ Ham Radio, Magazine

    CQ Ham Radio, Magazine   
    Medal № 10

    CQ ham radio is a monthly amateur radio enthusiast magazine published from 1946 in Japan. The magazine is published in Japanese and draws its subscription base primarily from Japan. The name of the magazine is derived from the international amateur radio call CQ, used to indicate that the station making the call is available for communications with any other station. More: http://ham.cqpub.co.jp